Please do note that prices below are orientational. I always tailor the end price to the needs and demands of my clients.

Prices include travel costs around Prague. Travel cost outside Prague is 0,40 Euro per kilometer from Prague border.

Rehearsals (bridal, but also rehearsals for evening makeup, if scheduled) can take place at your home, or in my premise, but it is definitely better to rehearse where the make up will be done on the day of the event and at a similar time. It is also good if you bring accessories that you plan on wearing (tiaras, veils, flowers...) or jewellery, if it is distinct.

I welcome and embrace all your ideas! Feel free to bring photographs or magazine shoots that you like or that inspire you to rehearsals or consultations of make up or hair, or you can email me photos or links beforehand.

If you have extremely short hair (roughly below the ears or shorter), we will set the price for hair-styling individually.

Bridal make up

Wedding is definitely one of the biggest days in life and so it is better not to give a room to chance or trembling nervous hands. Let me offer you a complete service concerning your bridal make up and hair, tailored to your needs and requirements, so that on your wedding day you could feel comfortable and breathtakingly beautiful, while still yourself, and so that you could enjoy the day to its fullest.


I do so apologize, but doing bride's makeup without reharsal is an adrenaline sport that I do not practice at this time. =:)

Wedding guests (bride's or groom's mother, bridesmaids, witnesses, other quests...)

(Pre)Wedding Photoshoot

Evening make up

Make up for balls, but also important company celebrations and presentations, banquets or important dinners and other events. Perhaps a little bolder, but always emphasizing your natural beauty and distinct personality.

Day(time) make up

"Invisible" day makeup will emphasize your beautiful features and will add a certain flair to your overall look, while not looking bold at all. Rather elegant, very convenient for events where you need to look somehow carelessly chic and beautiful. Perhaps graduation ceremony or an important job interview...

I will gladly do your make up for a one time event, but it is entirely possible to book a consultation where I will advise you on selecting make up specifically for you - what colors, textures and coverage according to your skin type and lifestyle. I will teach you techniques how to apply the selected make up and of course I will show you several variations of a day and evening make up. If you wish, we can also go shopping if you need help with choosing the right products for you.

Photo/film make up, commercial

Make up adapted for the media, to make you look distinct even under strong light and flash. For example school seniors' book, ID or passport, but I can do extravagance as well as period make up...